People ask me all the time; “How does Prayables make money?”  I have many answers; advertisers, iPhone app sales, event registrations and so on. But asking ‘how we make money’ is the wrong question. A more accurate question, true to our social purpose business is; “What is the revenue model that allows Prayables to sustain itself while it is creating a multi-faith prayer movement?” At the end of the year, my Board will ask me, “How many  women have regularly added more prayer to their day?” The money questions will come from my husband who happens to be my accountant and investor, “Are we on schedule for the original investment loan repayment, is staff able to take salary at fair-market value,  is the business self-sustaining and how much profit do we have, to re-invest so that we can further the growth of the movement?”

Prayables is designed to be a leading partner in prayer advocacy. We have great big, bold expectations: Women of all faiths will come together in prayer, to bring peace to themselves, their families, their communities and the world.

We gather together, women of all faiths.
We bring to you our thanks and our worries,
our joy and our heartbreak.
You are much greater than we can ever be.
Please share with us the peace and wisdom
You give to all who ask.
Give us hope and joy as we gather together
today and tomorrow.

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