When I miss an appointment, screw up an assignment, or over cook the meat loaf, it’s hard for me to sluff it off.  I pride myself on being organized, efficient and a pretty good cook, but why does it continue to bother me years later, when everyone else has forgotten? That’s the way some of us are wired. We tend to remember the pit-producing moments and forget about the ones that make our spirits sing.

I do have a few precious memories still hanging around after all these years. One happened about the time Air Jordan was making basketball history. I was sitting at an awards assembly at Glenbrook North high school. Craig’s name was announced and he walked onto the stage to get his honor. My mother was with me, we held hands and we both cried.  I will never forget that moment and I cherish it to this day. Sometimes when I pray, it’s too easy to think of what’s wrong. I need to search for the right mood to bring to my conversation with God. Guess what memory I recall? Joy triumphs over disappointment.

I won't spend one more day in fear.
Today I will not be limited by
negative thoughts that gobble up the day
and don't allow me
to recognize the beauty around me.

Today I will be freed of unrealistic expectations
that lead to disappointment and self-pity.
I am committed to being in the moment
where I am safe, provided for and loved.


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