If you don’t know much about Bill and , the church he founded, it’s worth your time to do some research. took religion as we knew it and radically changed the way millions of people practice their faith. He created a spiritual revolution with his simple concept of “churching the un-churched.” At Willow Creek, leaders are experts at outreach. I took some classes at the campus in the spring of 1999 and I attended worship services regularly for a few months. I wanted to see if I could copy and tweak the recipe for the “secret sauce” Bill Hybels was serving to his congregation. Me and my friend Len worked on this project relentlessly. We spent months in meetings with clergy, and congregation until we were ready to launch a very unique “in-reach” program at our synagogue; . Over 500 people were involved in Wednesday Night Live!, a prayer service with drama, music and a contemporary message. A volunteer network was set-up and we created Journey groups for study. It was mildly successful. Change is tough. You can have the best idea and the most brilliant minds trying to push that needle to the other side, and it will still stick to the middle.

A solid business plan is the foundation of making change happen. A visionary leader must communicate the big idea in a way that touches the heart, tickles the brain and moves bodies into action. I’m browsing through Axiom and my eye stops at page 206. The title reads: Excellence Honors God and Inspires People. I pray. Let me be excellent today.

Today as in all days past,
and all days future-
I need your direction and wisdom
to meet the everyday challenges,  
head on.

Give me insight to find the right way,
and common sense to supply the answers.
When I rest my head for sleep at night
I will know I have given my very best.

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