You know what happened. An amazing campaign, new barriers broken and all led up to a magical moment in November. My daughter Rachel and I were standing in Grant Park with thousands of supporters, the Jumbotron in front of us reported that Virginia went blue. My work with the campaign was done. It was time for me to find my own way to support the new administration.

Barack Obama has a very clear way of thinking and a distinctive way in which he expresses himself. I took those two traits; strategic thinking and a unique form of expression, and started an online movement of multi-faith prayer advocacy for women.  

There’s a very strong “Obamian” influence in my mission:
What I do know is this: women may come from many different religions, with many different customs and beliefs. What unites us is that we all pray. And we are all praying for the same thing; peace, good health, happiness for ourselves, our families and for our communities. There is not a Christian America, Jewish America, or Muslim America. We live in the UNITED States of America. And by praying together, with one voice, we can celebrate our commonality and respect our differences.

Thank You for the gentle reminder
that there is a higher authority.
Even as kings and presidents set events
into motion and change the course of history.
We ask your blessing on the ones who hold earthly power.
Let them feel the impact their actions have
on families, on our elders, on the earth.
Hold our lives in Your hand,
as we all forge the future together.

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