A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, a bird sings because it has a song. This is a Chinese proverb that showed up on a very pretty t-shirt, designer submitted to Prayables. We’re building a line of inspired clothing and accessories, and this one entry struck me. So many people are afraid to speak up, because they’re worried about being wrong or sounding stupid. That’s a shame. I subscribe to the club whose motto is: there are no stupid questions.

I do ask a lot of questions and I offer a lot of answers too. Like the bird in the Chinese proverb, I have a song to sing. La, la, la, la! Recently I found myself in Wheaton Illinois, at an old converted mansion which is home to the Theosophical Society. I was with my co-worker, Erika, who is Prayable's BlogTalk show host. We were there to interview Betty, the head honcho of the Theosophical Society of America. Speak up! What is Theosophy?

Not a stupid question at all: Theosophy encourages study of religion, philosophy and science to promote the unity of humanity. They have a big library, lots of programming and even housing for people who want to explore their spirituality. I’m not really a seeker, so most of it went whoosh! right over my head, but I did get persuaded to walk a Labyrinth while I was there. Speak up! What’s a labyrinth?

And yet another “not stupid question.” A labyrinth is designed to symbolize the self-journey. If nobody told me, I would have thought it was nothing more than creative landscaping. I gave the labyrinth a try, without much spiritual success, but I enjoyed the scenery and it was fun to try something new.

The interview with Betty went well, and later on in the show we did some honest blog talk about God, intimacy, and prayer. This was coming off my question about whether it’s OK to pray for a good sex life (it is.)  So maybe a bird sometimes sings because it does have an answer. And maybe a bird sings because sometimes it just wants to talk. If you have a song in your own heart, sing it! And remember… a little birdie told you it’s OK.

 In All I Do

Let me sing Your praise
in all that I am:
nurturing mother,
loving daughter,
faithful wife,
supportive employer,
disciplined employee,
or humble volunteer.

Let me sing Your praise
in all that I do:
bearing up the disappointed,
guiding the lost,
lending strength to the weary,
recognizing the forgotten.

Let me sing Your praise
with my voice:
speaking kind words,
calming tense situations,
refusing to tear another down.
Let me sing Your praise
in my heart.

~ Sue Bradford Edwards

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