Susan_Warhol“In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.” I think about this quote by Andy Warhol as I experience the reach of the Internet. Stats show me that Prayables has been viewed in eleven different countries. Nepal to Tanzania. There’s a splashy video of me welcoming visitors to our home page. If I connect the dots, then I confirm Warhol’s prediction that the countdown has begun on my fifteen minutes.

Last October, I came across a request for an interview by Caryn,a woman who writes an inspirational blog. Her query was intriguing: Looking for people who are living the life of their dreams. That’s me. The questions Caryn asked me led to some deep soul searching. The result is the list below where I shared my secrets to happiness:

1. Center your life on doing what you do best.
2. Simplify your wants and needs.
3. Accept the fact that you can only control your own life.
4. Take one day a week to just rest, reflect and relax.
5. Raise financially independent children.
6. Be cheerful, shake off bad moods.
7. Start the day with prayer.

Both living the life of your dreams and fame, come in different shapes and sizes. You could be dreaming of a life of excitement or one that is nothing but quiet mornings and brilliant sunsets.
There’s the 6’8 basketball star fame— 300,000 Twitter followers in 48 hours. And the 5’ Grandma Ruth fame— who played to a packed house most Friday nights when our family would gather to enjoy her famous chicken soup. How will you spend your fifteen minutes of fame? What can you do to live the life of your dreams?

Looking Ahead

Hope is the thought of a hand pressed
to the small of my back when I
am old and need help up the steps.

Love is the sight of someone peeling
an orange for two, a bright
sweet Sunday morning smell.

And, may I not forget:
Patience is believing all this
shall arrive in one moment
that I have yet to meet.

-Miranda Claudius
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