Actor Kevin Sorbo is known for his role in “Hercules" where he slew mythical monsters using his half-god strength. But the mythical monsters in America are not freaky creatures of Greek lore, it is secularism. "We live in a really strange world with the violence going on,” Sorbo told FOX411. “We are turning into a secular country, aren’t we? We wonder why bad things happen. The whole separation of Church and State was to keep government out of schools and somewhere along the way our politicians have switched that around. It’s weird to me." People who are secular believe they are more tolerant towards equal rights and religious freedom, but this is not entirely true. Secularism takes our religious independence away when we can't pray in public or read the Bible at school. It's destroying the religious freedoms of our country and hides behind the lies of liberation and equality. We can cry at the state of affairs or take action. Here are 5 ways to take back your country.

Stand up to secularism.

The numbers are backing up Sorbo's axiom concerning secularism in America. The Pew Research Center indicated that there is an increase of Americans embracing more secular ideas and moving away from faith. The study showed 56 million Americans were not affiliated with a particular religion between 2007 and 2015. More people also believed God should not be in our schools or be honored in government run institutions.
We live in a society where it's politically incorrect to say the name of “God," but where secularism is espoused.

Recognize evil.

“We must realize the true nature of our enemies who stand against us our shared values that have made America so exceptional all along,” Jay Sekulow explained in the book Unholy Alliance. The problem is more than terrorism--the U.S. needs to watch for other countries desiring to take command on the world stage. This potentially could be catastrophic as our reputation as a strong nation is weakening in the world. Absent power in the region by the U.S. interests concerned Sekulow. Without power, you can’t arbitrate. “We are projecting no power,” said Sekulow, who is also the Chief Council of the American Center for Law and Justice. “We created the vacuum in the Middle East that caused the rise of ISIS and Russian dominance. They're a player in the region and have a world dominance view." Our lack of recognition of corruption is destroying our country at home and abroad. We are a nation of justice and by not acknowledging evil, we allow groups like ISIS to flourish, where they need to be extirpated.

Get involved.

This sounds simple enough. Well, too many of us are complacent in our faith. We should be working just as hard to protect our religious freedoms as those who oppose them. The Bible is the most contested book ever written. It has been banned, destroyed, burned and forbidden in over 50 countries. People should be able to read the Bible or pray during their free time, banning such actions makes us no different from other totalitarian governments.
Loyal Grandstaff was instructed by his teacher that he couldn’t read the Bible during free time at school. “I was just reading, just reading because I had free time. A time to do what I wanted to, so I just broke it out and read,” Grandstaff told Fox4KC. He asked: "So it’s wrong to read the Bible during free time?" His instructor again replied "yes." In situations like this, start emailing and calling your representatives on issues that impact your communities and schools. Show politicians you’re paying attention to what is going on and prove it at the ballot box.

Think for yourself.

Schools encourage the expression of thought, but only to a preferred group. In New England, liberal professors outnumber conservatives 28 to 1. According to Chris Sweeney, a reporter at bostonmagazine.com, conservatism has become a filthy word in higher education institutions. "Depending on who you ask, it can range from white nationalists espousing hate to moderates such as Governor Charlie Baker. At many of New England’s most prestigious colleges, political conservatism has been reduced to stereotypes." When this happens people fear to speak their minds and end up allowing the truth to become inundated. Not only this but we've become afraid to think for ourselves because of the repercussions. Be your own sleuth today and dig for the accuracy and speak up about it. Being a conservative or a progressive shouldn't be part of the equation because the truth is the truth.

Create a stir.

You can say what you want about the Democrats, but they stick together and get things done.
We're not talking about the recklessness and vandalism caused by people during the protests, were talking about the people who peacefully resisted and stood up for what they believed. Shouldn't we do the same? Get off the couch and support or oppose a political initiative. "Creating a public display like a rally, march or open forum can offer your ideas more reach and even get picked up by the media," Tom Spengler, the CEO of Granicus wrote. Petition, protest, speak up and you might take back your country. You can't be incognito anymore.

What stands between us and the enveloping darkness of our present country? It's the people who allow poor public policies, secularism and corruption to run wild. We are being flooded with information by the pundits, activists and politicians on how to think. Independent thought is rudimentary. Most of us are all guilty as we believe anything we read on social media and anything we watch on the news. If one party said it, it must be so. Make the judgment call yourself. Sorbo made a valid point, we've have become a secular nation and indeed we need to take a stand.
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