What Is Intelligent Design?

FAQs About Intelligent Design
States are weighing whether their public schools should teach intelligent design alongside Darwin's theories. What is ID all about?

The Controversy: Pros and Cons


Evolution of a Thought
What we can learn from what separates humans from ants, bugs, bears, and snakes. By Rabbi Avi Shafran

The Science Community's Myopia Over Intelligent Design
Far from being incompatible with intelligent design, evolutionary biology makes no sense except in light of ID. By William A. Dembski

What Intelligent Design Is--And Isn't
Every scientific advance offers stronger evidence for intelligent design, says Jay W. Richards

"Overwhelming Evidence" for Design
The physical world is the product of intelligence and not simply the result of mindless material forces. By William A. Dembski

The Case for a Creator
Random, undirected evolution is incompatible with Christianity, says Lee Strobel

Finding God in the Questions
TV's Dr. Tim Johnson on his struggle to square religious belief with scientific discoveries.


ID: Bad Science, Bad for Religion
There is nothing in religion that demands the invocation of miracles to explain the wonderful world around us. By Michael Ruse

Earth and Evolution: No Purpose, No Design
Dr. Daniel Dennett says that evolution happens because it can. Period.

Evolution Is a Fact
But we can fight our selfish genes. By Richard Dawkins

The Problem with Intelligent Design
It's a new version of the God-of-the-Gaps argument, inserting God as an explanatory fix for scientific unknowns. By William Grassie

What Should Be Taught in Schools?

What's Happening in Kansas?
The latest news on the Kansas school board hearings

Can Science Explain Everything?
From 2000: The debate continues on what should be taught in schools--intelligent design, evolution, or both. By Greg Easterbrook

What Do You Think?

Quiz: Test Your ID IQ

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