Mind-Body prayer religious faith affects your health love gratitude heart health HIV Koenig DUke altruism optimism Lynn Underwood Fetzer NUN STUDY The Anatomy of Intuition
A scientific study reveals what intuition looks like and how to encourage it. What Your Body Teaches Your Soul
The unity of mind, body, and spirit is being explored not only in spiritual but in medical circles as well. Is Religion Good for Your Health?
Prayer, church attendance, and abiding faith all seem to positively affect blood pressure, heart, and coping skills. By Dale Matthews 02/26/2001 Reinventing Medicine
A physician argues for a revolutionary way of viewing the mind that will alter our approach to healing. Incense May Cause Cancer
Researchers measure carcinogens in the smoke of incense burned in Buddhist temples. Men Behaving Badly
Men are less religiously involved than women. Could it be in their genes, or maybe they just don't want to miss Sunday football? Double-Edged Sword
Study shows that while most heart patients use alternative medicine, they can put themselves at risk if they self-medicate. The Up Side of Bad Near-Death Experiences
Study shows that even frightening NDEs can increase faith and commitment to a spiritual journey Putting the Brakes on Teen Sex
Attending religious activities may help delay sexual activity, according to a recent study New Evidence of Life After Death?
Teen Girls Close to Mom Said Chaste
By Laura Meckler Designed to Love
Three M.D.'s on why we need more human contact and more emotion Prayer and Health Prescription: Prayer
Should doctors encourage patients to participate in spiritual activities? By Dale Matthews Saying Thanks
Good manners, good health Mind, Meet Body
A new book by a medical researcher argues that there exist tangible connections among emotions, beliefs and health
Touch Me, Heal Me
A new study finds patients may benefit from therapeutic touch Can Prayer Heal Us? No, says Gregg Easterbrook Yes, says Kathi J. Kemper, M.D. Hey, Doc, Ask Me What I Believe
A new study finds most patients want doctors to ask about their spiritual views Strong Faith Aids in Health
Results of a new study suggest that religious anxiety can worsen ailments.
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