Teilhard de Chardin's World-Transforming Mysticism
  • Read an excerpt from Teilhard's "The Future of Man"
  • Poll: Does evolution have a spiritual purpose?

    Can Evolution Explain Religion?By Richard Dawkins
    Plus: Robert Wright and Daniel Dennett debate evolution

    Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Two bioethicists face off

    Why Humans Are Nice: Science Studies Altruism
  • The Kindness of Strangers: Helping people who aren't genetically related
  • Is there an evolutionary reason why some people behave more altruistically than others?

    Should Humans Live Forever?
    Yes, say transhumanists | Probably not, says a bioethicist

    Conscience Clauses for Doctors
  • Pro: Don't force doctors to act against their beliefs
  • Con: Doctors shouldn't impose their moral views on their patients

    The Islamically Correct Test-Tube Baby

    Would Alien Life & Human Theology Mix?

  • No, says a creation scientist
  • Yes, say a Catholic astronomer and a Muslim doctor

    "Intelligent People Don't Need the Supernatural"
    Interview with Richard Dawkins

    Medical Students Take Patients' "Spiritual History"

    Poll: In-Utero Disabilities

    A God Outside of Time  By Kitty Ferguson

    Scientist: Faulty Methodologies Plague Meditation Studies

    Intelligent Design: Dead as the Dodo | Legitimate Approach The Faith of the Columbia Shuttle Crew

    The Lama in the Lab
    Researchers study Buddhist practice and destructive emotions

    Does Prayer Really Heal?
    The life and work of Dr. Elisabeth Targ

    Attack of the Bad Sci-Fi
    Why George Lucas's vision of cloning doesn't make sense--even in the sci-fi world. By Orson Scott Card

    An Eye for an Eye: Organ Donation
    Some Should Get Special Treatment by Joseph Telushkin
    It's Probably Not Against Your Religion by Gregg Easterbrook
    Donate One, Get One Free: One hospital's experiment

    Prescription: Prayer
    Should doctors encourage patients to participate in spiritual activities? By Dale Matthews

    Biochemist-Priest Wins Templeton Prize

    The God Spot
    Are those who see visions and talk with God holy or sick?

    A God Beyond Time
    What came before the Big Bang? By Paul Davies

    Designed to Love
    Three M.D.'s on why we need more human contact and more emotion

    Mormon Sci-Fi Writers

    Saying Thanks
    Good manners, good health

    Why We Can't Clone Jesus

    The Morality of Mifepristone
    Abortion's always a controversial issue, but RU-486 does have one ethical point in its favor
    By Gregg Easterbrook

    No Escaping the Pain
    RU-486 is supposed to get us to the next phase of the abortion debate. Not so fast
    By Frederica Mathewes-Green

    A Moral Precedent for the Siamese Twins Case
    In 1977, Dr. Koop and Orthodox Jewish parents faced the agonizing choice that two Catholic parents face in Britain today
    By Gregg Easterbrook

    In Search of Other Worlds
    They're there, but the news Is not encouraging
    By Gregg Easterbrook

    How Loud Was the Big Bang?
    The quantum physics of answering machines and other humorous mysteries of science
    By Gregg Easterbrook

    Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial?
    A Jesuit priest says the discovery of life elsewhere in the universe would pose no problem for religion
    By Brother Guy Consolmagno

    The Dawn of a Second Human Species
    An excerpt from 'The Sun, the Genome and the Internet: Tools of Scientific Revolution'
    By Freeman Dyson

    The Human Genome and the Inconvenient Soul
    The genome map does not a human make
    by Orson Scott Card

    The Battle for Genetic Mastery
    Are we ready to manage who we are?
    by Gregg Easterbrook

    The Scopes Trial, Take Two
    A fictional account of how the century's most famous trial would play out today
    by Gregg Easterbrook

    Kansas Against Darwin: What Happened?
    A brief summary of the school board's decision--and the fallout. Plus: A complete package of Kansas school board documents and opinion articles.
    by Gregg Easterbrook

    The Human Genome Is Mapped--Now What?
    by Gregg Easterbrook

    Science vs. Religion?
    Francis Collins, lead Human Genome researcher, sees no conflict
    By Gregg Easterbrook

    Life: Mechanical or Miracle?
    Scientists who use the word "machine" to describe humans aren't doing anyone a favor, says the author of a new book
    by Gregg Easterbrook

    Mind, Meet Body
    A new book by a medical researcher argues that there exist tangible connections among emotions, beliefs and health
    by Gregg Easterbrook

    Hamburger Helper
    For those who don't eat meat because of the violent way animals are slaughtered, science may soon provide an alternative
    by Gregg Easterbrook

    Teens Take on the Creationism Debate
    By Terence Minerbrook, Sean Colenso-Semple, and Michael Shoretz

    It Came from Outer Space!
    How was the spark of biology lit? Increasingly, scientists wonder if life originated in space.
    by Gregg Easterbrook

    Coming Soon to a Cell Near You: Genetic Engineering
    Genetic advances are coming faster than governments and religious groups seem to realize--and no one has a plan
    by Gregg Easterbrook

    UFO Believers Struggle with Religious Implications of Alien Life

    It's Not All Relative
    Einstein's Theory of Relativity is widely--but mistakenly--understood to assert that nothing is definitively true
    by Gregg Easterbrook

    Attack of the Killer Robots
    Why are science-fiction writers the only ones asking the big questions about technology?
    by Roberto Rivera

    What Communion Hath Jerusalem With Silicon Valley?
    At a meeting of tech gurus, moral and spiritual questions raise their ugly heads
    by Donald Lattin

    Bill Joy, Killjoy
    What's so scary about the 21st century?
    by Robert Wright

    Honey, I Misplaced the Universe
    Science can't find 90% of the cosmos. This "missing mass" problem may hold clues to the Big Bang and to the plane of the spirit.
    by Gregg Easterbrook

    The Pope's Apology... to Scientists
    It's the Vatican's Turn to Recant. Scientists censured in the past are being posthumously redeemed.
    by Gregg Easterbrook

    Mega-Blast from the Past
    Hubble Highlight
    Gregg Easterbrook

    The View Towards Infinity
    Four centuries ago, an Italian 'heretic' imagined an infinite cosmos. Increasingly, it appears he was right.
    by Charles L. Harper, Jr.

    Good Guys Finish First
    In a remarkable new book, Robert Wright contends that most human interactions have had 'nonzero' or 'win-win' outcomes.
    by Gregg Easterbrook

    Double-Dealing in Darwin
    Some scientists' total devotion to Darwinism--and insistence that evolution answers all questions and other views of creation answer none--seem an awful lot like a religion.
    by Michael Ruse

    Really, Really Far-Flung
    Perhaps intergalactic distance is simply the result of physics, or perhaps it reflects preternatural logic.
    by Gregg Easterbrook

    The Misguided Search for the Star of Bethlehem
    Was it a supernova? A falling star? It really doesn't matter.
    by Marcus Borg

    Star of Wonder
    Is the star of Bethlehem now a pulsar?
    by Gregg Easterbrook

    The Scopes Trial

    Scientific Semi-Belief
    Scientists Still Keeping the Faith: Comparing Scientists in 1916 and 1996.
    by Edward J. Larson and Larry Witham

    Finding a Common Language of Awe
    In this area, believers will challenge science, scientists will challenge belief, and both will seek areas of consensus.
    by Gregg Easterbrook

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