2008 Voter Guide

Still undecided about who you'll cast a ballot for on Tuesday? Our presidential voter guide features interviews with the candidates, analysis of how their faith influences their lives and positions, and a look at the big issues.

Barack Obama Interview

In an exclusive interview before this year's South Carolina primaries, the Illinois Senator said he prays that he's an "instrument of God's will," that he's proud of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and--while denouncing the false rumors that he's Muslim--that Muslims around the world would see the United States differently if he were in the White House.

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Barack Obama on the Separation of Church and State

John McCain Interview

In an exclusive interview, the Arizona senator tells how he was elected chaplain by his former POWs during the Vietnam War, why he thinks the U.S. Constitution created a "Christian nation," and what makes him uncomfortable about a Muslim president.

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John McCain on the Constitution Establishing a 'Christian Nation'

Obama's Faith: Fact vs. Fiction

We answer your questions about Barack Obama's faith, including the false rumors that he's Muslim, how he found Christianity, and his longtime friendship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

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Sarah Palin Faith Q&A

There's been lots of confusion and questions about Sarah Palin's faith life since John McCain picked her as his running mate.  Palin biographer Kaylene Johnson talks about the would-be vice president's Catholic baptism, her Pentecostal upbringing, and her recent change to a nondenominational church.

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Joe Biden's Crisis of Faith

Barack Obama's running mate has long felt comfortable discussing his faith--including how his Catholicism shapes his nuanced position on abortion--but Beliefnet editor-in-chief Steven Waldman explains how the death of his wife and daughter in a car accident led to a crisis of faith for the Delaware Senator.

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Join the Politics Discussion

Join one of dozens of discussions on issues like the Michelle Obama factor, Joe the Plumber, and which candidate would more effectively fight terrorism in Beliefnet Community.

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The 12 Tribes of American Politics

Understanding the 12 major religious tribes of American politics, including Heartland Culture Warriors, White Bread Protestants, and The Religious Left, may be the key to unlocking the 2008 election. Our exclusive polling of the tribes explains why today's political landscape is so different than 2004.

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Our Political Bloggers

Beliefnet's bloggers are covering the election from different political and religious perspectives:

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Progressive Revival: The web's new home for the religious left

Steven Waldman: Politics from Beliefnet's editor-in-chief

Crunchy Con: Conservative politics and religion with a twist

Windows & Doors: Politics and pop culture meet 3,000 years of Jewish wisdom

Lynn v. Sekulow: A debate blog on God in the public square

Pontifications: Catholic faith, culture, and politics

Reformed Chicks Blabbing: Current events from a Reformed perspective

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