Twelve Tribes Percentage of 2004 Voters
Twelve Tribes20042000
BushKerryTotal VotersBushGoreTotal Voters
Religious Right26%4%15%27%5%16%
Traditional Christians20%8%14%19%11%15%
Moderate Evangelicals11%7%9%12%7%10%
Conventional Mainline Protestants9%7%8%8%6%7%
Convertible Catholics7%6%7%8%10%9%
Religious Left9%21%14%11%11%11%
Spiritual but not Religious2%4%3%3%6%5%
Latino Christians5%6%5%2%5%3%
Black Protestants3%13%8%1%17%9%
May not add to 100% due to rounding

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