Several years ago, the Rev. Jesse Jacksonreceived a conspicuous media pardon after he referred to New YorkCity as "hymie-town." This terribly insensitive slur was quicklyforgotten after he offered an apologetic explanation worthy of BillClinton.

The media and leftist organizers love to forgive...if you're aliberal.

One need look no further than the pass Bill Clinton received fromfeminists and the media amid charges of groping reluctant women inthe White House--and even raping women prior to his presidency--tosee that liberals receive forgiveness while conservatives arecondemned for lesser offenses. Compare the virtual silence over thehorrifying--and documented--accusations against Mr. Clinton to theoutright lynching Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas experiencedover far less severe accusations (from only one woman).

In fact, if a Republican political leader had been guilty offathering and secretly supporting an illegitimate child, as has nowbeen revealed about Rev. Jackson, you can bet that shadyinvestigators hired by Larry Flynt and James Carville would have"outed" him a long time ago. Rev. Jackson was conducting thissexual affair at the same time his Democrat colleagues wereoverseeing their search-and-destroy campaign against Republicanlawmakers and while he was "counseling" Mr. Clinton following theLewinsky scandal.

Jesse and John
Apparently, what Democrats say and do means nothing--as long asthey continue to tow the leftist line. Never mind that JesseJackson utters a racist comment or is concealing a sexual affair, aslong as he is a liberal. Today, he remains the chief spokespersonfor African-American Democrats.

On the other hand, how Republicans conduct their lives is apparentlymeaningless. Never mind that John Ashcroft initiated one of thenation's first Martin Luther King days, or that he worked to save anAfrican-American college from destruction, or that his wife teachesin a predominately black school, or that he voted to confirm 26black judges.

He is a conservative...and that's just bad. The truth found inhis life doesn't matter.

Because of his conservative ideals, Mr. Ashcroft has faced anintensive grilling from Senate Democrats who are zealouslyattempting to convince Americans that he is an insensitive bigot--primarily because he received an honorary degree from Bob JonesUniversity and he opposed the judicial nomination of a black judgewhose judicial rulings are terribly troubling.

It does not matter that a host of Missouri law enforcement officialsand several other national police organizations expressed similartrepidation about the nomination of Judge Ronnie White. Instead oftrying to understand the justifiable concerns of this good andhonorable man, many of John Ashcroft's political opponents havefound it more convenient to let baseless words of "racist" and"bigot" ring out.

Law Enforcement Alliance of America Executive Director James J.Fotis was absolutely right when he said, "The big lie is thatopposing the lifetime appointment of a judge who went soft on one ofAmerica's worst cop killers makes Sen. Ashcroft a so-calledextremist. With soft-on-crime, anti-death-penalty groups againstSen. Ashcroft and law enforcement and victims groups for Sen.Ashcroft, I think we all know who the real extremists are."

The real extremists, indeed, are the people who cover their earswhen Jesse Jackson spews racist language, but cry foul when JohnAshcroft thoughtfully attempts to uphold the laws of the land.

"The liberal assault on John Ashcroft is dramatic evidence of theleft wing's desperation to maintain their control of the JusticeDepartment," said R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president of The SouthernBaptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky. "The coalition ofspecial interest groups and liberal constituencies arrayed againstthe attorney general nominee is proof positive of what is really atstake--they fear an attorney general with convictions."

"Liberal Democrats aren't interested in really working withconservatives, because they believe conservative ideology isillegitimate," added John Nowacki, deputy director of the FreeCongress Foundation's Center for Law and Democracy. "Most of theDemocratic questions for Ashcroft are designed to portray hisconservative beliefs as a bar to his confirmation, and theirdefinition of 'extremist' simply means 'not like us.'"

By the way, don't be fooled into believing that the majority ofAmericans oppose John Ashcroft. The Free Congress Foundation's website is now exhibiting more than 200organizations that represent a large variety of issues--includingmilitary readiness, education, pro-life issues, tax reform, propertyrights, family and social issues, constitutional and civilliberties, and law enforcement and victims' rights issues--thatsupport Sen. Ashcroft's nomination. These organizations representmillions of like-minded Americans. (I am proud to say that myNational Liberty Journal newspaper is one of those organizationssupporting Mr. Ashcroft on the Free Congress page.)

What does the Ashcroft demonization campaign by the left teach us?It clearly shows us that Democrats are being very hypocritical whenit comes to this man. Democrats have closed their eyes, coveredtheir ears and gone on the defensive when one of their own exhibitstrue racism. However, they have resorted to the politics ofpersonal destruction, aiming them at a good and decent man simplybecause he diligently works to sustain law and order in our nation.

John Ashcroft is the kind of man our nation needs in the office ofattorney general. He will ensure that criminals are punished andthat all Americans--no matter their race, religion, gender, oreconomic status--have their rights protected.