STRASBOURG, France, Jan. 17 (AP) - The European Union will press for a worldwide ban on executions at the next United Nations commission on human rights meeting, the Swedish government said Wednesday.

``Work on the death penalty is a matter deserving priority for the EU's common foreign policy in the field of human rights,'' said Lars Danielsson, state secretary for European affairs in the Swedish government, which took over the EU presidency on Jan. 1.

Danielsson told the European Parliament the EU would concentrate on urging nations all nations to drop capitol punishment, ``including the United States of America.''

He said the EU also wanted to put the question of human rights in China and the Middle East at U.N. Human Rights Commission session opening March 19 in Geneva.

EU Justice Commissioner Antonio Vitorino told the assembly, that the EU may repeat a resolution condemning the use of the death penalty, ``reflecting the fact that the issue remains of paramount concern.''

Members of the 626-member parliament urged the EU to do more in condemning human rights violations across the world, highlighting the situation in Myanmar, Chechnya, and China.

``Much more needs to be done, if anything the situation is worsening across the world,'' said British socialist, Michael Cashman.

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