Beliefnet columnist Bishop John Shelby Spong is on location at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles. Spong is the retired bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark and the author of 14 controversial books. Each day this week, he'll be posting new audio entries on this page.

"Since God is quoted freely by both sides, the only sure bet is that God will win..."

"The ideals the Church talks about are at least to me now more visible today in the secular arena than they are in the life of the Church--and that bothers me so deeply..."

"[Good] political speeches, like [good] sermons, always have an enemy. The enemy is always evil. The audience in both cases must know the enemy."

"I welcome Senator Lieberman to the national ticket because he symbolizes that the dream of our founding fathers is still operative and it remains the cornerstone of this democracy."

"The body politic is in a mood for reliable standards of right and wrong."

  • His latest installments:

  • The Final Analysis: Who Will Win?

    -- filed Friday, August 18,
    at 10:00 a.m. PST

    Why the Church Could Use a Lesson from the Democrats
    -- filed Friday, August 18,
    at 12:02 a.m. PST

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