How far would you walk for a good cause, and would you carry a brother in your arms on the way?

That’s what 15-year-old Hunter Gandee did to raise awareness for one of the most common congenital disorders of childhood-- Cerebral Palsy.

Hunter strapped three different harnesses on his back June 6th, and carried 8-year-old Braden for 57 miles in Lambertville, Michigan. He crossed the finish line with hydration and stretching breaks every three miles, ABC News reported.

“If it weren’t for everyone cheering and walking with us, I wouldn’t have been able to do it,” Hunter told the news outlet.

“I collapsed at the end of the second day because I was so tired. My legs were so sore but my friends picked me up and I made it through the third day.”

The boy’s mother named the project Cerebral Palsy Swagger to gain the attention of doctors, engineers, and community leaders to show there is a face to disease, which affects muscle coordination.

“The walk demonstrates the physical and mental challenges faced everyday by those affected by Cerebral Palsy, but with support, assistance, and a good attitude, all goals are within reach,” Cerebral Palsy Swagger explained on Facebook.

The brothers competed before in 2014, as they walked over 40 miles with people cheering them on from the sidelines. The team raised over $100,000 for a new playground that can accommodate Braden, and have over 11,000 fans on Facebook.

About 1 in 300 children will be diagnosed with the brain disorder the Center for Disease Control Prevention, reported.

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