Islamists extremists are creating terror over the world for the sake of their sick ideology and it appears they are getting the edge if you watch enough news and read the news feeds via social media. This was a particularly encouraging story coming out of Kenya before the New Year. It shows how unity can fight terrorists, and send them back into darkness.

A bus traveling outside the Kenyan City of El Wak was forced to pull as bullets sprayed and hit the driver in the leg.  Forcing their way on board, 10 members of the Al-Shabab (al-Qaeda ties) demanded that Muslims and non-Muslims separate immediately as they exited the bus.

In defiance, Muslims stood up and refused to comply. Passengers told the assailants "kill them together or leave."

The bus driver told people to hide under the seats for cover. “I alerted the passengers about what was happening before the attackers got closer. We asked non-Muslims to cover their heads with their jackets as Muslim women gave their clothes to some young girls and other women,” Shukri Farah said during an interview with the Daily Nation

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery said this sent a message of unity. ]

“These Muslims sent a very important message of the unity of purpose, that we are all Kenyans and that we are not separated by religion,” Agence France-Presse reported.

“Everybody can profess their own religion but we are still one country and one people. And that was a very good message from our brothers and sisters from the Muslim community.”

A bus attack killing 28 non-Muslims near the Somali border in 2014, forced the government to order police escorts for buses coming from Mandera. The militant group has made the area a target since 2011 since the Kenyan military infiltrated Somalia. BBC reported in April 2015, the government wanted to stop militants from crossing over where they are kidnapping, raping and killing citizens. The police escort care in this event broke down.

Kenya’s Supreme Council of Muslims offered that “Terrorists have no borders, religion or race. Terrorists submit to no faith. We stand with our fellow Christians during this time and shall continue to do so.”

Two people did die in the attack.

One was murdered since he could not recite the Koran, and another was shot from the bushes as he tried to run away.

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