Two of the most controversial subjects amongst today’s society are religion and politics. People are apprehensive about over stepping their boundaries and possibly offending the feelings of others. However one of the most important elements within Christianity is to be try to thyself – which means express your opinions with the hopes of helping others. So why are politics any different?

Romans 13:1b says, “For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.” Therefore, politics wouldn’t exist without the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. If Jesus hadn’t laid his life on the line for his children, then the powers that make up politics wouldn’t have be of any value or substance. Furthermore, the government authority acts as a part of God’s plan to create justice within society. In Romans 13:4 the discussion of “an avenger who brings wrath up on the one who practices evil” is mentioned. So why would Christians choose to keep their political views hidden?

Despite the messiness that evolves from politic viewpoints, the purpose at its core is for the people to “lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity” says 1 Timothy 2:1-2. With that in mind, people should understand and accept that different opinions are part of life – what one person deems as the correct mind frame is not what another person will also see. It’s important to accept the differences that lie within each other and realize that those contrary views help to shape us as individuals and the nation as a whole. All Christians live their lives with Jesus Christ the Savior as their number one therefore, opposing views do not necessarily make a person good or evil. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that all Christians must maintain the same exact opinions and views. The differences amongst us all help to cultivate the religion of Christianity.

The Lord has a plan and while we may have an opportunity to cast a vote, we do not own the outcome. In essence, our Christian voices of opinion are truly all that we have in life. Jesus did not shelter his voice when it came to sacrificing himself and standing up for what he believes in – and neither should his Christian base following.

We all must remember that everyone is entitled to their individualized opinions. No one is truly right or wrong despite the stance we may have harbored within our heart and soul. It’s important to remember that above all, like our U.S. currency states, “In God We Trust.” Ultimately, we entrust our next steps, breath and our souls within the Lord’s hands. He would never want us to shut down our thoughts because of the possibility of offending another individual. Sometimes offending someone is just the first step to opening an individual’s eyes to a deeper meaning and thought process.

However when you voice your stances remember what Matthew 6:33 says, “The first truth is that the will of God permeates and supersedes everything and everyone.” God’s plans and purposes are already set and are inviolable.

So Christians, when you’re voicing your opinions and feeling passionate about a candidate or a specific political view, remember that God already has a plan. While he doesn’t want you to sit there in silence, he already knows what is destined to be and there is no changing that reality no matter what you or your neighbor next to you votes and/or believes to be righteous.

If you’re looking for a yes or no answer – the answer is simple. Christianity is a way of life and if you feel passionate about something then voice your opinion. However, do not become upset or discouraged when other Christians chose to see things in a different light. In reality, there is no clear and concise Christian candidate that God is endorsing. Jesus sacrificed himself so that you could have an opinion and be an individual – therefore, be an individual and understand that everyone else is entitled to a viewpoint as well.

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