Church While the Hobby Lobby case is still fresh, EchoLight Studios reminds Americans in One Generation Away: The Erosion of Religious Liberty that religious freedom is in danger.

Former GOP presidential hopeful and CEO Rick Santorum, who plugs the group’s faith and family-friendly entertainment, said the docudrama is a one-time deal to awaken the church. With the Hobby Lobby case, groups demanding broken-hearted mothers to take down crosses, does the government want one religion for all like Nazi-era Germany or Iran?

“With any other country I would say we’re on a historical path that has never ended up well for any civilization,” said Santorum.

“But I believe America is different. I think we are unique in human history and that we still have the ability and capability to bring it back and to have another Great Awakening. Yes, things don’t look good, we’re on the wrong path in many respects, but there is still a great wellspring of faith in America.”

Many are disenchanted with the leadership in the White House and from representatives, but the church can lead the country back said Santorum.

“We see the power of the government forever growing in spaces where they don’t want competition from people who don’t share their values. They want the power to be in the hands of the government. They believe the government should be the purveyor of rights, not God.”

Religious intolerance is a gradual progress, but it needs to be addressed before it becomes severe. Compared to Iran and other countries who burn churches, imprison Christians, Buddhists, or any other religion that goes against the government beliefs, America is still blessed.

The feature-length documentary views the Hobby Lobby case, interviews religious leaders from different faiths and from both sides.

“In a world of such political correctness a lot of people are intimidated not to speak,” Santorum explained. “One of the reasons they accomplish this intimidation is because people are not informed and they [are not] comfortable with these issues. What we hope to do with this movie is to inform them and make them comfortable and to fight those battles.”

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