Yes, the media—me included (sometimes), like to get people to think the way we want them to. Call this persuasion, passion, or whatever—be a recent show on Fox was insulting. Susan Patton, known as the Princeton Mom, advised viewers on Fox & Friends that feminism is entirely to blame for the breakdown of the family.

Patton caused a stir last year when she wrote a letter to the Editor of Daily Princetonian, citing that women care too much about having careers and less about raising families.

“I sincerely feel that too much focus has been placed on encouraging young women only to achieve professionally. I understand that this can be seen as retrogressive, but for those women who aspire to what used to be thought of as a traditional life with home and family, there is almost no ink addressing personal fulfillment outside of the workplace.”

Isn’t that what college is for to prepare young people for jobs, not just procreate and remain in the home? This is not “Leave it to Beaver.” While there should be balance in this area, and we should be good wives, but women who choose to have careers shouldn’t feel guilty for their respective choices and called “Men haters.”

Let’s not blame Patton totally during the segment. It was the question that the co-host Steve Doocy asked Patton that really irked me.

“…when did men become doormats?”

Gee, Doocy are you treated like a doormat at home?

Sorry, I if don’t bend my head in shame.

Women worked hard to gain equal rights to vote, wages, which is still not equal compared to men doing the same job. Let me remind our friends what “antagonistic” feminists did. Many fought to remove the stigmas of women in history books, worked to remove sexist language, and encouraged women to go into professional fields and yes, the right to vote. This was the same show that said  the feminization of the U.S. was a national security threat.

Outside of wreaking our nation, viewers were given tips to keep your husband happy-- this includes having a cocktail ready for him when he gets home.

"How was your day, can I make you a drink? What would you like for dinner? What can I do that will make your evening more enjoyable?”

Look, I’m not into burning bras, or drumming up a legion of women to knock on Fox’s door or debate Patton, but we don’t need any network telling us how to take care of our men, or have shows that repeatedly explain how feminism is destroying the world. And to downplay what our predecessors did to achieve equal rights? Shameful. Assuming women treat guys as doormats? Hilarious... but I can live with that.

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