Christian Mother Freed from Death Sentence Christian Mother Meriam Yehya Ibrahim was set free in Sudan and reunited with her husband after receiving a death sentence for apostasy.

The Sudanese government accused Ibrahim of committing adultery because it does not recognize her marriage to her Christian husband. When asked to denounce her Christian faith, Ibrahim refused. There has been international outcry for the 27-year-old through social media and media networks with the hope the Sudanese government would cave.

Tony Blair, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, President Barrack Obama, and a community of over a million supporters worked to free Ibrahim. With a network of three-million activists, Amnesty International also demanded freedom for the mother, who was forced to give birth in prison with one ankle chained during labor.

Deputy Regional Director at Amnesty International Sarah Jackson said it was a small step compared to the injustice that’s been done. 

"Meriam was sentenced to death when eight months pregnant for something which should not be a crime. Furthermore, her abhorrent treatment, including being shackled, violated international human rights law against ill-treatment.”

CNN reported that the appeals court found fault in the lower court’s ruling in the Ibrahim case.

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