-Find a group of people who have a similar desire to raise money.
-Determine what type of causes you want to focus on, be they local, international or related to a particular issue.
-Research various charities that fall under your cause.
-Determine with your group how you will choose charities. Will you vote or will different members take turns choosing the charity.
-Determine with your group any ground rules, such as how often you'll meet and how much money members are required to give.
-Set up a separate bank account for the funds that will be raised. Talk to a certified public accountant about tax issues group members should be aware of.
-Document the decisions the group makes so it's easier for new members to know where the group is coming from.
-Have fun. One of the best aspects of giving circles is the camaraderie they provide for their members. Take advantage of that.

Some Giving Circles and Web Sites
The B'More Fund
Bread for the Journey
The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
Dining for Women
Full Circle Fund
Giving Circle of Hope
Resourceful Women
Social Justice Fund
The Women and Girls Fund
Washington Area Women's Foundation

Marsha Wallace, Founder of Dining for Women
864 430-9590

Jessica Bearman, Deputy Director of Dining for Women

Linda Strup, Founder of Giving Circle of Hope
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