July 25 - An Islamic organization has launched a national campaign that proposes an expansion of Muslim youth in scouting as one way to combat terrorist ideology, violence and extremism within the American Muslim community.

The Washington-based Muslim American Society (MAS) announced its "Faith Over Fear and Justice for All" campaign at a Monday (July 25) news conference, proposing seven "action items" that the American Muslim community should implement.

Included in the list is an increase in the number of Boy and Girl Scout troops and youth centers available to Muslim youth "to inculcate in our youth the proper understanding of Islam, help them fulfill all their potential, and keep them out of range of extremism and moral vices."

Also proposed was a program in which the MAS would work with local imams, or Muslim religious leaders, to "leave no chance for terrorists and their views to creep into our community."

In addition, the group proposed an increased outreach effort to prevent terrorist ideology from being the most common view of Islam. It also suggested a focus on alleviating through diplomatic means social injustices that are often cited by terrorists as justifications for their acts. The group also urges American Muslims to participate in national conversations about war, peace, human rights and social justice.

The MAS further pledged to facilitate a national summit on combating terrorism, which the group said would be a precursor to an international conference on global terrorism.

The MAS launched the initiative in the wake of the two terrorist bombing attacks in London this month.

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