Aug. 9 - Two men showing the evangelistic "JESUS" film for Christian LifeBangladesh were killed in Faridpur, according to a statement released byCampus Crusade for Christ, a partner agency of Christian Life.

Lipial Marandi, 21, and Tapan Kumar Roy, 27, were stabbed to death at 2a.m. on July 29 by intruders who had broken into their rental house,according to local police.

Police have arrested two men in connection with the killings.

Marandi and Roy had been in Faridpur for eight months conducting healthawareness programs and showing the two-hour docudrama, based on the Gospelof Luke, about Christ. The film has been translated into hundreds oflanguages as an evangelistic tool, and has been shown in every country inthe world, according to Campus Crusade for Christ.

The men had received death threats in connection with their work,according to the release.

In April 2003, another Christian Life worker in Bangladesh, Hridoy Roy,who is no relation to Tapan Kumar Roy, was killed. No one has been convictedin connection with Hridoy Roy's murder.

"We express our deepest sympathies to the families of Lipial and Tapan,"said Thomas Abraham, vice president of Asia Campus Crusade for Christ. "Weare saddened by the hatred of those who would commit such acts of violence."

Abraham also said the recent murders demonstrate a disturbing upswing inviolence toward Christian workers.

"We are seeing an increased trend toward persecution of Christians inBangladesh, and the Christian community in America is concerned," Abrahamsaid. "We urge the Bengali government to bring the murderers to justice anduphold the Bangladesh constitution which protects religious freedom."