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Memorial for Terri Schiavo

Share your thoughts and prayers for Terri Schiavo and her family on this memorial page.

The Controversy: End Suffering or Sustain Life?

  • 'Let Her Go'
    A Muslim physician says that at times, there is nothing more we can do. By Hesham Hassaballa

  • 'Choose Life'
    When in doubt, the law should be based on "a presumption for life." By Darrell Bock

  • Michael Schiavo: Not a Model Husband
    Can't a man remain devoted to his wife if she loses her mental faculties? By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

  • Terri's Wishes Come First
    When a human being says she does not want to live if all soul-functions are lost, devotion dictates that her choice be honored. By Rabbi Arthur Waskow

  • A Fair Diagnosis?
    Many people believe that Terri Schiavo has had the best of care, but her care--and her "vegetative" diagnosis--raise a host of questions. By Fr. Robert Johansen

  • Peace for Terri Schiavo
    Her name is 'written in the book of life,' so why idolize an utterly reduced life? By Martin E. Marty

  • Where Are the Feminists?
    Most women's groups aren't about speaking up for defenseless women. By Kathryn Jean Lopez

  • A Victory for Pro-Euthanasia Groups--and Renegade Judges
    Schiavo's starvation is a moral outrage. Ongoing commentary by Beliefnet blogger Charlotte Hays

  • Obey the Rule of Law
    I'm grateful that a handful of judges remember what the Schiavo case is about: a personal family tragedy involving a single individual. Ongoing commentary by Beliefnet blogger Jesse Kornbluth

  • Link: 'Coma' vs. 'Persistent Vegetative State': Medical terms defined

  • Link: Blogs for Terri
    A webring of blogs calling for continued feeding

  • What If You Were Terri?
    Beliefnet members discuss the decisions they've made.

  • End-of-Life Questions

  • Multifaith Round-up: Views of the Soul
    Religious and spiritual thinkers on the soul and its fate at the end of life

  • "We Are All of Us Pro-Life"
    Lisa Schamess, who lost her husband to cancer, examines the moral complexities of the Terri Schiavo case.

  • Faith Works, Hope Springs, Love Hurts
    We all are looking through a glass, darkly, as we anxiously try to make sense out of Terri Schiavo's final struggle. By Thomas Lynch

  • Eyes Wide Open
    Why Terri Schiavo's story grips us on a deeply human level. By Alice Chasan

  • Talking to Your Loved Ones
    Schiavo's tragic story teaches us to have a necessary conversation with family about end-of-life wishes. By Laurie Zoloth

  • Making the 'Right' Decision
    A woman recalls the heart-wrenching decision to remove her mother's feeding tube.

  • Life-and-Death Decisions
    Share your own experiences.

  • Resources

  • Plan Your Own Critical Care: A step-by-step guide
  • Request an Advance Health Care Directive for your state
  • Create Your Living Will: A multifaith guide
  • Prayers for Coping with Loss

  • News

  • Rev. Jesse Jackson Gives Schiavo's Parents Moral Support

  • Pro-Life Schiavo Supporters Hold Onto Hope for Intervention

  • Vatican Condemns Removal of Feeding Tube as 'Capital Punishment'

  • No Easy Answers to Ethical Questions for the Schiavo Family

  • Judge Sets New Date for Removal of Feeding Tube

  • Timeline of the Terri Schiavo Case

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