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Shirt Too Short, Sheer or Low Cut? Pants Too Low?

Find some long tank tops or buy some cheap ones, and make sure they go down to your hips at least so they won't be too short after you wash them. Get several colors, like black and plain white (no logo) and maybe multi-colored rainbow stripes so they can match anything. Wear them under your t-shirts and tops. It's hard to find jeans that aren't too low and shirts that aren't too short, so this is a good quick fix until you can find some better clothes. The tank top is to keep your stomach covered but it also covers your chest if the shirt is too low cut. The tank top under the shirt doesn't make you too hot in the summer because it's thin with no sleeves. And it looks cute, things always look cuter with layers.

The modesTee
If you don't like the tank top hanging untucked at the bottom, you could get a bodysuit and wear that under your shirt. Bodysuits are shirts that snap together between your legs. When snapped, it looks kind of like a one-piece swimsuit. You wear them tucked into your pants. I just found a new product called the modesTee. It's a bodysuit made to wear under your clothes. You can get it at makeitmodest.com.
Jeans Too Low? I was recently in Hong Kong and they have really fun styles there. They get their fashion from Europe. There's this trend I saw in Hong Kong where it looked like people were wearing two pairs of jeans. They had on regular jeans with another pair of jeans peeking out from under them a couple of inches at the top. It's really not two pairs of jeans, it's just made to look like that. I tried on some of those kind of jeans and saw how they were made. The top of another pair of jeans was just Velcro-ed on and you could take it off. So I tried it with a pair of my pants using the top of some old jeans I didn't want anymore. I cut off the top of the old jeans and put it under the new jeans. It sounds weird but it looks cute and it makes the jeans not so low! Tank Top You Want to Wear? If you have a tank top that's printed or decorated and you want to wear it, you can always put a shirt with sleeves under it. If you have a top that's too short or tight, that would be a good one to pair with the tank top to create a modest outfit. You could also wear a modesTee under it. Can't Find Jeans That Cover Your Stomach?

It's easier to find cute baggy overalls than it is to find jeans that aren't low. So think about looking for overalls or a jumpsuit of some type. Here's a picture of me in my overalls so you can see what I mean: I'm not talking about ugly overalls, I'm talkin' about cute overalls with lots of pockets and other stuff.

They're good because no matter what shirt you wear under 'em you don't have to worry about your stomach showing when you bend and move. Wear your tighter shirts under baggy overalls. One of the "fashion laws" is that you should wear one loose-fitting thing and one snugger-fitting thing together. For example: with loose or baggy pants you wear a snugger top. With snug pants you should wear a looser shirt. Same thing applies with skirts and shorts. If you wear both tight or both baggy it tends to make you look fat. So with baggy overalls don't wear a baggy t-shirt too. Skirt Too Short? Pants Too Low or Tight?

If you have a skirt that's become too short you can still wear it as a fashion accessory. Wear it with pants underneath it or wear it over a longer skirt. It's like having a new outfit. If you have pants that are too low or look too tight you can wear the short skirt over them. The skirt can help cover your middle as well as your back side. Like I said before, layers make modesty look cute.

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