Oprah Added to Trinity
In a surprise move announced today, Christians expand the Godhead to include the popular television host.

The Dalai Lama Gets a Makeover
The spiritual leader of Tibert unveils his new look, an attempt to connect with younger generations.

"The Cleansing of the Temple": A "Passion" Prequel
An exclusive look at Mel Gibson's new movie in production.

New One-Eye Burkas Unveiled in Saudi Arabia to Crush Immodesty
Old burkas promoted immorality and lasciviousness, splinter group says. Take a first look at the new style.

Jesus Shocker: "When I Said 'Feed My Sheep,' I Meant Actual Sheep"
Adding a whole new level to the debate over whether Christ's words were meant to be taken literally or figuratively, Jesus returns and has some new words for his followers.

"Come Chester! Save me!"
It was a cold day on the lake when little Mickey fell through the ice. No one was around--except his faithful dog. Get your tissues ready for this two-hanky story.

Vatican to Unveil New Mint-Flavored Host
New Eucharist flavor beats out raspberry, banana, and strawberry cheesecake.

"America's Next Top Monk" Reality Show Debuts
Show pits humble celibates against each other in battle for titles like "Best Fruitcake Maker."

What Do You Hate Most About Spring?
Share your least favorite things about the season here.

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