WINNEBAGO, MN, April 1 -- When seven-year old Mickey Williams went skating on Lake Winnebago, in Northern Minnesota, he thought the ice was frozen solid.

It wasn't. The curly-haired boy plunged into the icy water and began screaming for help. No one was around to hear his anguished cries.

No one, that is, except his faithful dog, Chester.

"Come Chester! Come!" the boy shouted, as frigid water lapped up against Mickey's face. "Here boy!"

Mickey and Chester had been inseparable ever since his family had gotten the adorable Lassie look-alike as a get-well present to help him recover from polio.

"Help! Chester come!"

Chester immediately came running over, his ears flapping in the cool Minnesota wind.

Suddenly, Chester spotted a bag of beef jerky that Mickey had been carrying, and the dog sat down to eat the snack. Afterwards, he spent some time licking himself.

Unfortunately, Mickey's strength gave out and he drowned.

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