Think of the peace of mind that comes to a woman who can say, "My husband has chosen me as his unique partner and companion for life. He loves and cherishes me and I can rely on his faithfulness to me." Or the husband can say, "My wife has chosen me as her husband for life. Together we will build a home, raise our children, and labor together for the mutual good of our family. I love her and she loves me, and neither of us will give ourselves to any other."

That marriage is built on trust, not jealousy and suspicion. God's commandment gives complete peace of mind that each partner can be secure in his or her marriage-the most precious of possessions other than life itself. Husband and wife build on a secure foundation. Their children never have to face the tragic consequences of a broken home. And they, in turn, have an example to follow when they marry and build a secure home of their own.

Commandment Eight: Respect Others' Property
You shall not steal. -Exodus 20:15

America under the influence of today's liberal thinking is about entitlement. Whereas the biblical world-view on which our country was founded promotes diligence and work as the road to success, we have become a nation of people who believe we should have that for which we have not worked. The "American Dream" was once founded on a principle: Hard work will get you what you want. Today that dream has transformed into an illusion, a form of mental derangement. We think that because we live in the wealthiest nation on earth, someone should give us what we want regardless of the quality of our work or the level of our achievement.

We hear every major Democratic presidential candidate beating the drum for class warfare. Despite the disturbing disparity of wealth that exists in America, the simple truth is that the bottom 25 percent of the income earners pay no income tax at all. The top 1 percent pay 34 percent of all taxes, the top 5 percent pay 53 percent, the top 25 percent of income earners pay 83 percent of all taxes, and the top 50 percent pay 96 percent of all taxes!

Commandment Nine: Tell the truth
You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor. -Exodus 20:16

The Ninth Commandment clearly was given to protect reputations from slander. "You shall not give false testimony" about someone's life, character or activity to destroy that person's reputation.

It's truth, and the virtue of truthfulness, that paves our public dealings and our private relationships with stability. And it is God's Word alone that tells us, when a lie would be easier, to tell the simple truth-and to live by eternal truth instead.

Commandment Ten: Be Content with What You Have
You shall not covet . . . anything that belongs to your neighbor. -Exodus 20:17 (NLT)

The first Iraq war began because of coveting-first the thought, then the deed. The armed forces of Iraq invaded Kuwait and quickly took over. Hopeless Kuwaitis saw their lives destroyed, their women raped, and their men killed or imprisoned and tortured.

Of course, had Saddam's mind not been blinded by covetousness, he would have realized that the nations of the world were not about to permit a megalomaniac to gain hegemony over the key source of the world's oil.

Soon a great force was assembled that drove the Iraqis from Kuwait, crushed their military and imposed punitive sanctions on the nation. Saddam's refusal to abide by the United Nation's mandates led to Gulf War II, the downfall of his regime, the death of his sons, and the occupation of his country . . . all because Saddam violated the Tenth Commandment.

Coveting precedes shoplifting, grand theft auto, and armed robbery; coveting precedes adultery and rape; coveting precedes breaking and entering and murder; and coveting can lead to perjury under oath in a court of law. Coveting can lead to trafficking in narcotics, counterfeiting, money laundering, and white-collar crime, or it can lead to identity theft and fraudulent use of credit cards. Coveting can even lead to blood feuds and wars.