Even more dishonoring to the name of God are the now widespread reports of clergy who abuse members of their congregations. We are being bombarded with reports of ministers and priests who manipulate and coerce innocent people under their spiritual care to have sexual intercourse with them. The sad, angry faces of men, women and children who were pressured to perform intimate and degrading acts with a spiritual leader who they trusted appear on our television screens almost weekly. What was done to them is beyond tragic. . . . To those who have stood in the place of God and then put others though a living hell, the words "You shall not misuse the name of the Lord" are an offense. Because they have betrayed the sacred trust that comes with representing the name of God, they will pay a heavy price for their sins.

Commandment Four: Observe a Sabbath Rest
Remember to observe the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. -Exodus 20:8 (NLT)

Most Americans seem to have the attitude that Sunday is the one day out of seven we get to do exactly what we want without anyone else placing demands on our time. Most of us--those who don't have to work weekends, at any rate--would likely say, "Sunday is my day." To that, God would say, "Yes, and no."

According to the God of the Bible, Sunday belongs to Him. First and foremost, when God set aside one day of the week for the Sabbath, He intended for us to take time out from all our other mental and physical activities to focus our body, mind and soul on Him.

The God who made us knows what will benefit us and what will harm us. Yet in our mad pursuit of money and success, Americans have come to believe that God does not know what He is talking about. We think that His laws stand in the way of our achieving what we believe is the materialistic "American dream." The Fourth Commandment is an offense to commerce, entertainment, and sports.

Commandment Five: Honor Your Parents
Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your God has commanded you, that your days may be long, and that it may be well with you . . . . -Deuteronomy 5:16 (KJV)

Consider the example of a nation that chose to honor their patriarchs. When he was 68 years old, my wife's father . . . went overseas to Beirut, Lebanon, where he established Sipes International Paint Company. . . . My father-in-law was an active man who wasn't content to sit in an office but enjoyed getting out on the factory floor with the men to lift the bucket of pigments, oil and solvents that made up each batch of paint.

However, in the Middle East, he found that this was not possible. His Middle Eastern employees had such a respect for a seventy-year-old man that as a mark of honor they refused to let him do any menial work. . . . a man of age is considered to be a repository of wisdom and therefore a venerated treasure.

Such honor is not unusual. It is built into the very fabric of the society of many civilizations. Shouldn't this honor also be our heritage in America?

Commandment Six: Respect Human Life
You shall not murder. -Exodus 20:13

The liberty of self-actualization, not life, has become the most important right an individual can have. In America, a woman's personal freedom, her "right to choose," has taken priority over the right of the child in her womb to live its life. Whereas the founders of our nation took God's sixth commandment seriously, recognizing that life is the single most important personal gift He gives, the liberal faction today insists that the right to personal freedom is preeminent.

The same self-centered attitude generally prevails in our culture when it comes to making decisions about caring for our elderly. Though it is true that some elderly parents need constant monitoring by skilled medical professionals, most really do not. But it seems that fear prevails. In the American mind, it has become a given that caring for an elderly parent is going to demand too much of our time, energy, and financial resources and that it will diminish our quality of life.

All told, the Sixth Commandment affirms that an Almighty God is the Creator of life and, therefore, He has ultimate authority over the issues concerning life and death. By extension, God holds the ultimate ownership of our bodies. These concepts are heinous to the liberal mind that holds sway in America, and anyone who supports life is considered oppressive.

Yet the opposite is true. The more we have allowed the liberal line to grant the individual his or her "right" to make the ultimate decisions about life, the cheaper life has become and the more endangered our infants, our elderly and our sick have become.

Commandment Seven: Maintain Sexual Purity

You shall not commit adultery. -Exodus 20:14

Leaving aside the corrosive effect that breaking the Seventh Commandment has on our society, consider the blessing of keeping it.