First Gay Couples Wed In Massachusetts  First Gay Couples Wed In Massachusetts  First Gay Couples Wed In Massachusetts

Bush Calls for Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriage (February 24)

Reaction From Both Sides in the Religious Community

Massachusetts' Supreme Court Says Civil Unions Aren't Enough (February 4)

'This Is the Trigger' for a Constitutional Marriage Amendment, Say Conservatives

Read the Massachusetts Supreme Court Opinion Barring 'Civil Unions (PDF)


Reaction to November's Massachusetts Supreme Court Decision

Read the November Decision (PDF)

U.S. Catholic Bishops Condemn Same-Sex Unions
  • The Bishops' statement

    Text of proposed "Protection of Marriage Amendment"

    Was Sodom Into Sodomy?
    A Bible scholar provides chapter and verse on homosexuality

    Religious Views of Sodomy
    A look at how world religions view non-procreative sexual acts


    What Would Jesus Say About Gay Marriage?
    Nothing--because what really riled him was divorce.
    By Jack Miles

    My Blessed Gay Marriage
    A church blessing may not be a legal marriage, says a gay man, but it is a union in God's eyes
    By Macky Alston

    The Evolution of a Sacrament
    A biblical scholar and Episcopal priest talks about the spiritual side of gay marriage
    An interview with L. William Countryman

    Homosexuality Is A Religious Sin, Not An Ethical One
    Fighting gay sex--or even homosexual unions--only distracts from making straight marriage better
    By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

    Hypocrisy and Homophobia Struck Down
    'When we express love in an intimate way with another adult, it has been called illegal, and we were criminals. No more.'
    An interview with Rev. Michael Piazza

    What's Different about Gay Wedding Ceremonies?
    Answer: Nothing.

    Heather Turns Ten
    The author of "Heather Has Two Mommies," the controversial book for children of lesbian parents looks back

    Consequences Unclear
    A vote for gay marriage can spur Jewish renewal, as feminism once did, or it can divide Judaism, like another past Reform vote
    By Samuel Freedman

    No Threat to Marriage
    Every marriage faces challenges, but the legal status of gay couples is not among them
    By Ben Daniel

    Let Us Be Impatient With Prejudice
    Vermont's next step should be forward for gays and lesbians
    By William Sloan Coffin


    Why We Can't Redefine Marriage
    By Charlotte Hays

    Sex and the Episcopalians
    By Diane Knippers

    The Love That Won't Keep Quiet
    By Charles Colson

    A Deviance From God's Norm
    Our society has the responsibility and the right to discourage the practice of homosexuality
    By Richard Land

    Why We Couldn't Get Along
    Behind the flap over same-sex unions and a Christian marriage statement
    By Richard Land

    The Crumbling of Marriage and Culture
    Excerpts from letters to supporters by conservative Christian leaders

    Protecting Marriage
    California voters will decide the future of marriage
    By James Dobson


    A Profound Attack
    Bush's declaration of war on gays' civil rights threatens to defile the Constitution.
    By Andrew Sullivan

    White House Word Play
    Does Bush's ambiguous phrasing reflect a growing acceptance of gay unions?
    By Steven Waldman

    Are Gays Winning the Culture Wars?
    The Supreme Court sodomy decision is about much more than allowing private consensual sex acts

    The New Politics of Gay Rights
    Want a clue of how the court ruling will play out politically? Look at parital birth abortion
    By Steven Waldman

    Are Gays Winning the Culture Wars?
    The Supreme Court sodomy decision is about much more than allowing private consensual sex acts

    Is America Becoming Less Anti-Gay?
    Scholar Alan Wolfe argues a shift in public opinion

    What the Vermont Court Has Wrought
    Is this the end of marriage as we know it?
    By David Orgon Coolidge
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