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The Schism Begins
Conservative Episcopalians make their first move to break with the U.S. church
By Diana Keough

Africans and Gay Rights
Many Africans have bigger things to worry about than homosexual church leaders.
By Gus Niebuhr

Gay Issue Derails Catholic-Episcopalian Talks

Bishop Who First Ordained Women Dies

Former Archbishop Carey Says Gay Bishop Harms Anglicans

Risking Schism, Episcopalians Consecrate Robinson

The Prospect of Fracture
Will parts of the Anglican Communion declare themselves separate from the Episcopal Church?
By Stephen Bates

Defender of the Faith
Why all Anglican eyes in London are nervously fixed on a powerful African archbishop.
By Philip Jenkins

Dispute Affects Other Christians
The fight over homosexuality in the Anglican Communion is more than an internal squabble.

The New Hampshire Episcopal Diocese Responds
"We grieve that others in the Anglican Communion have felt deep pain with these issues," says New Hampshire bishop.

Anglican Leaders Rebuke, not Discipline, Episcopalians
A gathering of Anglican primates reminds Episcopal Church USA of 1998 agreement on gay issues, but vows to keep unity in the Communion.

A Statement by the Primates of the Anglican Communion
The text of a group statement issued after an emergency two-day meeting called by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Archbishop of Canterbury Calls Meeting of Anglican Leaders
The primates of 38 countries will gather in London in October to discuss the Episcopal Church USA's recent decisions.

'It's a Wrap'
A final dispatch from the front lines of the Episcopal Church General Convention
By the Rev. Mark Harris

'Now Begins the Grieving'
A conservative Episcopalian says the election refocused her allegiance
By Diane Knippers

Why the Conservatives Won't Schism
The women's ordination battles of the '70s will determine their next step
By Deborah Caldwell

Episcopalians Approve Church's First Openly Gay Bishop

Report to the House of Bishops
The results of the investigation into allegations of misconduct

Gay Bishop Delayed
Episcopal church officials decry 'a touch of evil in the air'
By Deborah Caldwell

'God is Doing a New Thing in the World'
A conversation with the man poised to be confirmed as the Episcopal Church's first openly gay bishop

Homosexual History
The victory for gay rights in the Episcopal Church is almost complete
By John Shelby Spong

Sex and the Episcopalians
For the largely comfortable elites that comprise the Episcopal Church, talking about sex isn't, well, proper
By Diane Knipper

An Exquisite Conflict
The election of a gay bishop forces the Episcopal Church to choose between two core values
By the Rev. Lloyd Prator

The Love That Won't Keep Quiet
Hardly a day goes by that doesn't bring fresh evidence of the increased social acceptance of homosexuality
By Charles Colson

British Gay Bishop-Elect Declines Selection
From Religion News Service

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