Sleaze-o-Meter's always felt there's something demeaning in asking several women to compete for a single hunk of cheesecake's affections--usually with some dough thrown in to blur the issue. This week's news that two reality-show male stars have histories of abusing women further debases them, and makes at least one of the shows nearly unwatchable.

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For Love or Money
According to TheSmokingGun.com, our hero Rob didn't share with the show (or his law firm) the alleged sexual harassment incident that earned him his release from the U.S. Marine JAG corps. This made for uncomfortable moments when Rob made the gals take his boots off, playfully knocking one down in the process, and ordered everyone into the hot tub.
Road Rules
Meanwhile, MTV gets the Rob Award for casting Donnell despite being aware that he was arrested for allegedly striking his girlfriend.
The Real World: Paris
As Chris and Christina get hot and heavy in the hot tub, Chris's voice-over shares his deep thought that Christina knows how great her body is and uses it to mess with guy's heads.
The Amazing Race
You can take the girls off the catwalk, but you can't take the catty out of the girls. Jaree snarls at Tian to please address her in a pleasanter manner--and we're only as far as Europe. We can't resist an extra showerhead for having the teams run through Vienna's "historic" sewers.

Overall Ranking Cumulative Shower
Average Shower
11 3.6
8.5 2.8
6 2
5 1.6

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