BOMBAY, India (AP) - Five people were killed Friday in Hindu-Muslim rioting and police gunfire after riots broke out during a general strike to protest the Rev. Jerry Falwell calling the founder of Islam a terrorist. Forty-seven others were injured.

The rioters attacked each other with knives and stones during the strike called to protest what Falwell's said on CBS television early this months. Muslim organizations called Falwell's remarks as derogatory and blasphemous.

The conservative Baptist minister told the television network Islam's prophet ``was a - a violent man, a man of war.''

``Jesus set the example for love, as did Moses,'' Falwell said. ``I think Muhammad set an opposite example.''

Two Muslims and one Hindu were killed by police gunfire and one Muslim and Hindu died of stab wounds in Sholapur 225 miles south of Bombay, the capital of western Maharashtra state, said Kirpa Shankar, the junior home minister of Maharashtra state.

The trouble started when a group of Muslims took to the streets and were challenged by Hindus. Some rioters targeted shops, homes and vehicles, police said.

Falwell's remarks had triggered street protests in Indian-controlled Kashmir on Monday.

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