Reprinted with permission from Falwell Confidential.

After weeks of agonizing reasoning and the weighing of his personal convictions, President Bush has limited federal funding of scientific research on stem cells that are derived solely--and I stress solely--on embryos that have already been destroyed. He will grant no federal dollars for research on stem cells that involve the killing of human embryos.

With great pressure weighing on him from those who want unlimited research on human embryos, I believe Mr. Bush adopted the only viable solution to this moral puzzle. The fact is that, while our hearts go out to those who urgently seek physical help from stem-cell research, as a follower of Christ, I simply cannot warrant the destruction of one life in order to save another.

Calling this issue "one of the most profound of our time," President Bush underscored the potential for breakthrough medical treatments by utilizing stem cells that have already been destroyed. The simple fact is that much non-destructive research is available through the use of bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, and human placenta. Federal funds should be energetically directed toward funding these types of research.

However, President Bush warned, "Embryonic stem cell research is at the leading edge of a series of moral hazards." He solemnly cautioned that "human life is a sacred gift from our Creator." And we certainly should not tamper with such a gift.

Sen. Bill Frist (R.-Tenn.) said, "I believe the president has done the nation a great service by allowing promising embryonic stem-cell research to proceed while maintaining strong restrictions on the extent of the research and ensuring comprehensive oversight."

I fully agree. By drawing a distinct line against future federal funding of stem cell research that involves the killing of human embryos, Mr. Bush superbly re-affirmed the fundamental moral principle that life is a sacred gift from God that deserves every possible protection--even at its very beginning.

My only concern about this decision is that when Congress considers this issue--as most believe it soon will--some members may seek to manipulate the president's decision and attempt to expand embryonic research beyond the protective plan announced by Mr. Bush.

However, we will fight that battle when the time comes; and we in the pro-life community will be resolute in defending life.

For now though, I truly believe Mr. Bush remained true to his pro-life commitment by boldly reaffirming his promise to protect unborn children--the most innocent of life.

Now let us all pray that the funded research will quickly develop treatments and cures for our fellow citizens who need help.

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