(RNS) The leader of Orthodox Christians in Greece has said that instead of praying with Pope John Paul II when the Roman Catholic leader visits the country next week, he will instead recite for the pope centuries of Orthodox complaints about the Roman Catholic church.

Archbishop Christodoulos "will present with honesty, clarity, theological and historical documentation, all issues of dogma, ecclesiastical and theological, which cause grief, bitterness and perplexity to the Orthodox world," said a spokesman for the Greek Orthodox Church's administrative body, the Holy Synod, Reuters reported.

The pope is scheduled to visit Greece May 4-5, the first pontifical visit to the country since the Great Schism of 1054 that split Christianity into Western and Eastern traditions.

Though Greece's 200,000 Catholics are looking forward to the visit, non-Catholics in the mainly Orthodox country are less than thrilled. On Wednesday (April 25), hundreds of Orthodox Christians demonstrated in Athens against the pope. Some carried signs denouncing him as a "Two-horned Heretic."

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