Have you ever made a moral choice that haunts you still? In our feature, WWYD?, we offer real-life dilemmas and ask you for your solutions. Read "The Case of the A Student" below and take the poll. Then find out what really happened, and let us know what you think.

A professor at a well-known university recently received the following note from a student, asking about taking a class outside his major. How would you respond to the student's approach?

Dear Professor,

I am pre-med major interested in enrolling in your class. My problem is I must choose a class in which I can earn an A. That means I'll be working as hard, or harder, than any other student in class. Before I enroll, however, I need to know if it is reasonably possible to earn an A in your class. (Some classes and professors are more difficult than others.) If you can give me some feedback, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Take the poll to find out what the professor did, and tell us what you think.

What would you do?

Furnish the percentage of A's awarded in past classes.
Agree to certain standards that will provide him with an A.
Tell him there are no guarantees.
Don't respond.
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