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Religious Responses

  • Where Was God?

  • God doesn't punish through disaster. The disaster just is. But God is in the hearts of those who help the survivors. By Rodger Kamenetz

  • Why Bad Things Happen to Good People
    An audio excerpt from Rabbi Harold Kushner's renowned book

  • Finding Meaning in Suffering: A Buddhist View

  • Robert Thurman discusses the solace Buddhism offers to mourners.

  • The Karma of Catastrophe
    For Hindus, invoking karma to explain natural disasters may raise more questions than it answers. By Arvind Sharma

  • Are the Non-Christian Victims Saved?

  • Bible scholar Ben Witherington III answers an evangelical Christian's question.

  • It Was an Act of God
    Even when they do not affect us directly, catastrophes are wake-up calls to repentance. By Rabbi Avi Shafran

  • Why Muslim Leaders Won't Say It's "Revenge"
    Imams don't play the blame game when Muslims are the victims. By Hesham Hassaballa

  • Act of God? Why Some Hindus Say Yes

  • Some groups suggest that he recent arrest of a Hindu leader has called down God's wrath. By Arun Venugopal

  • World Religions on Why Bad Things Happen

  • What You Can Do: Charity Resources, Prayers & More

  • Where to Donate
  • Guide to charities by activities and religion

  • Interactive Multifaith Prayer Circle

  • Prayers for the Victims and the Survivors: A selection from world religions

  • Parenting Columnist Mimi Doe: What to Say to Children
  • Hope & Inspiration

    Daily Blog: Stories of survival, generosity, and the strength of the human spirit

    Media Coverage

  • How the Arab Press Views U.S. Aid
  • When All We Can Do Is Watch

  • The numbers of the dead seem unreal. How can we process an event so destructive, so far away? By Frederica Mathewes-Green

    Charitable Responses

  • Tsunami Aid: Stingy or Generous?

  • Poll: 3 in 10 Americans Give Tsunami Aid
  • Tsunami Aid Could Boost America's Image Among Asian Muslims
  • Where to Donate

  • News Headlines

  • Chaplains Prepare U.S. Crews to Encounter Mass Destruction
  • Poll: 3 in 10 Americans Give Tsunami Aid
  • Orthodox Jewish Forensics Team IDs Tsunami Victims' Bodies
  • 9/11 Families Return Favor to Buddhists Through Tsunami

  • Tsunami Aid Could Boost America's Image Among Asian Muslims
  • Tsunami Aid: Stingy or Generous?
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