August 7 (AP)

Democratic Sen. Joseph Lieberman, Al Gore's choice as running mate, on a sampling of issues:


-Sponsored legislation several times in 1990s to set up experimental voucher programs, letting parents use federal money to send their children to public, private, or religious schools of their choice. Gore says vouchers would undermine public education.

-More recently, backed education reforms that do not include vouchers.

-Voted to expand tax-free education savings accounts to help parents cover education expenses in all grades and at public, private, and religious schools--an idea promoted by Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush.


-Spoken in favor of partially privatizing Social Security, as proposed by Bush and opposed by Gore. Told The San Diego Union-Tribune in 1998: "A remarkable wave of innovative thinking is advancing the concept of privatization.... I think in the end that individual control of part of the retirement-Social Security funds has to happen."


-Shares Gore's support for abortion rights and voted against banning procedure known by its opponents as "partial-birth" abortion.

-Abortion-rights advocates say he voted their preferred position every time in 1999. Abortion-rights opponents said he never voted their way last year.


-Shares Gore's support for liberalized trade.

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