WASHINGTON, June 19 (AP)--Previous major Supreme Court decisions on school prayer and religious observances:

  • In 1962 the court said officially sponsored prayers or religious statements in public schools violate the First Amendment's ban on any ``establishment of religion.''

  • In 1963 the court banned state-sponsored reciting of the Lord's Prayer and reading of the Bible as part of devotional exercises in public schools.

  • In 1980 the court outlawed the posting of the Ten Commandments on classroom walls in public schools.

  • In 1985 the court outlawed daily moments of silence if public school students are encouraged, as they were in an Alabama law, to pray during that time.
  • In 1990 the court ruled that public schools generally must allow student prayer groups to meet and worship if other student clubs are permitted at school.
  • In 1992 the court prohibited clergy-led prayers at public school graduation ceremonies.
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