Major features of the Oklahoma City National Memorial:

-Chairs: Stone and bronze chairs resting on glass bases etched with the names of each of the 168 victims. The chairs are placed in nine rows to represent the floors of the federal building, with five chairs representing victims who died outside.

-Reflecting pool: Approximately where Fifth Street once was and where the truck bomb exploded in front of the building.

-Survivor Tree: An American elm that survived the blast sits on a promontory and is meant to represent the survivors.

-Helpers' Orchard: A group of fruit trees surrounding the Survivor Tree that is meant to symbolize those who rushed to help after the bombing.

-Gates of Time: Anchoring each end of the memorial, the gates are intended as both a physical and symbolic transition into the site. One is marked ``9:01'' and the other ``9:03,'' the minutes bracketing the 9:02 bombing.

-Children's Area: Honoring the children killed in the bombing, a corner of the memorial features a wall of ceramic tiles hand-painted with messages from students and teachers from across the country. It also has several chalkboards for temporary messages.

-Expected attendance: About 300,000 people a year.

-Cost: $29.1 million, including memorial, museum under construction in bomb-damaged Journal Record Building and anti-terrorism institute.

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