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  • Homosexuality

    Women's Issues:
    Women and Justice (Catholic emphasis)

    "On the Dignity of Women" (Apostolic letter, 1988)

    The Media: Modern Forum for Promoting the Role of Women in Society (Pope's message on World Communications Day, May 19, 1996.)

    John Paul II's "Papal Letter to Women"

    Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual

    Jewish Feminist Resources

    Women in Judaism, a multidisciplinary journal

    Religious Coalition for Reproductive Freedom

    Under Shekhinah's Wings

    Hulda: Feminist Theology online

    Feminine images of God in the United Church of Christ

    Women in Buddhism

    After the Death of God the Father (article by Mary Daly)

    Elizabeth Cady Stanton on the church and women

    Muslim Women's Resources

    Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance

    The Case for Ordaining Women in the Catholic Church


    Men's Issues
    Promise Keepers

    The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

    National Center for Fathering

    National Fatherhood Initiative

    New Man Magazine

    Baptist Men's Movement

    Men's Movement


    United Methodist Church's COvenant Relationships NETwork

    "The Lord is my shepherd and he knows I am gay"

    Bridges Across the Divide

    Metropolitan Community Churches

    Scripture from a gay perspective

    Christian Gay

    How you can be a gay Christian

    Gay and Christian

    Affirmation: Site for Gay Mormons

    A Gay Christian Place

    Steps to Recovery of Bible Abuse

    Deliver Ministries: Freedom From Homosexuality

    Christians in Recovery

    Renew: Program for Homosexual Recovery and Ex-Gay Support

    Whosoever: An Online News Journal For Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Christians

    Aricle on "homosexual theology" by Kerby Anderson

    Gay Gospels: Christian homilies for gays and lesbians

    Southern Voice: A Website for Gay and Lesbian People

    Human Rights Campaign: Working for Lesbian and Gay Rights

    Exodus International: promoting the message of "freedom from homosexuality"


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