Alan and Lisa Robertson Book CoverTheir story is not one that you would find in your average fairy tale however, the love story of Alan and Lisa Robertson is one that is built off a renewed commitment and a rescued love. The Duck Dynasty stars have written a book, A New Season, that discusses their broken vows and the road to redemption that they had walk in order to save their marriage and find their true identity.

“I don’t know how people do it without Jesus in their life. It was the one thing that helped us. I had to look at who I was and where I had been. I had to accept the failures, troubles and problems I had in my life. I had to submit to Christ and that was the first decision that made us to a road of recovery,” said Lisa.

Lisa was promiscuous for several years, during their marriage – the infidelity caused a world of heartache and tension for their families. “I think the whole breach in our relationship helped her look at her relationship and instead she took me off of the throne and put Christ there,” said Alan.

The couple believes that faith saved their marriage and helped them realize what was important in life. “I had to accept the failures, troubles and problems I had in my life. I had to submit to Christ and that was the first decision that brought us to a road of recovery,” said Lisa.

The couple has two daughters together and want to set show their children that marriage is a vow that is worth fighting for. Lisa says that despite the infidelity and other baggage, that each party brought into the marriage, they genuinely loved and cared for each other. “He was the one person that I didn’t want to find out about what I was doing,” said Lisa. “Something inside me knew she was worth believing and that we could eventually have a good relationship together,” said Alan.

The test of time came through and the couple was able to triumph and prevail. The hurdles that they overcame allow their children and others to witness the legacy of their marriage. Lisa and Alan had shared their story with others in the church and those who also struggled within their marriage. The show helped escalate their voice and allowed them to reach more people who were struggling with marital issues.

There is no cut and dry solution to having and maintaining a happy and healthy marriage. The Robertson’s believe that you have to be willing to look for the interest in the other and that the lack of selfishness will go a long way. Lisa also believes, “You have to be friends. He is my very best friend and I would want to do anything with him in the whole wide world.”

If you’re looking for a true testimonial about trust, loyalty and triumph then the Robertson story will provide you with the insight you’ll need to get started on your journey of love.

For more information about Alan and Lisa Robertson's book - A New Season: A Robertson Family Love Story of Brokeness and Redemption click here.

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