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The word frugal is no longer a negative word, moms all over the world have embraced being cheap. With coupon crazes sweeping the world – moms are stretching the dollar and getting the most out of every sale opportunity.

There are several websites and forums available for moms who are looking to save money. One of the best tips that all families should try is just calling, subscribing or emailing their favorite companies and products that they regularly use. Gerber, Similac, Enfamil and several other formulas and baby brands offer savings to customers who sign up for newsletter subscriptions or other promotional advertisements. Many companies like Gerber, also mail coupons and other offers to customers on a monthly basis - in additonal to emailed savings. The coupons can range from one to five dollars off products – which can be a huge savings for families that purchase products on a regular basis.

Amazon.com is another phenomenal way to save. Not only will Amazon ship you your products to your door, they will also take the thinking process out of the equation by allowing you to subscribe to items that you use regularly; your subscriptions will be billed on the same time each month and they will automatically send them to you as often as you wish. Amazon has great prices that beat most stores like Wal-Mart and Target. Prime Amazon Members can receive their purchases within two business days and do not have to pay for shipping if an item qualifies as prime. The prime membership fee is $79 a year, however if you take into consideration the savings of gas and the merchandise, that you save, it is well worth it! You can get deals on just about anything you can think of – dish soap, paper plates, toys, books, clothes, décor - the list is endless.

Depending on the level that you want to take your savings to, you may enjoy websites that are dedicated to savings and deals. There are many misconceptions about extreme couponing however it is relatively easy and can be done with only 30 minutes to an hour of time each week. Visit southernsavers.com if you want to save but do not want to do any “real” work. Jenny, the writer and brains behind southersavers.com, creates weekly savings list to various mainstream stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Kroger, Publix, Whole Foods, Food Lion, Walgreens, etc. The mastermind saver not only tells you what is on sale that week but also tells you which coupon to use and where to find in order to get that sale price. In addition, Jenny provides you with “how-to” tutorials on DIY projects, eating organic and other great tid-bits that any mom would find useful.

Another great website for savings is passionforsavings.com. This website keeps up with deals that you can find on Amazon and other freebies that are available in stores everywhere. Passionforsavings.com also provides great crafts and DIY tips – while giving you coupons to help cut the price of the projects. Lastly, one website you should always check out before making any online purchase is retailmenot.com. The site offers free Redbox codes, promotional shipping and other discounts for just about any company. Never pay full price again!

If you are trying to save money and want to make the most out of every dollar, then incorporate these tips into your everyday life. Your savings will make a huge difference in your family’s budget and you can use that money for a fabulous vacation, new wardrobe or a rainy day.

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