Timeless Truths for Teens
An interview with Paul Raushenbush
Paul Raushenbush "Young people today are finding that there are timeless truths within religious traditions from all parts of the world," Paul Raushenbush explains. As a university chaplain at Princeton and a Beliefnet teen columnist ("Ask Pastor Paul"), Paul is familiar with the spiritual questions and concerns of teens. In this interview, he talks about how young people can turn to the wisdom of faith traditions to help them understand themselves and others. Read more...

Tips for Teenage Spiritual Seekers
An excerpt from "Teen Spirit"
"Ask friends or acquaintances about their particular religious experience or belief. Steer them away from the 'official line' on their religion. Instead, guide the conversation to their personal experience, which can be more informative and interesting and could even provide the basis for a stronger bond between you and your friends...." Read more...

About 'Teen Spirit'
About 'Teen Spirit'

What's in the Book
"What will God think if I convert?" "Can I keep my virginity and my boyfriend?" "How can I understand my pagan sister?" Paul Raushenbush offers insightful advice and nonjudgmental support to teens of all faiths who are exploring other traditions or just trying to better understand their own.

In addition to Q&As, "Teen Spirit" features religion basics (Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism); essays from teens ("Why I like being Baha'i"); primers on what each religion believes about different topics (interfaith dating, vegetarianism, drugs); quizzes ("Match the 'Simpsons' character with their religion"); and suggestions for popular movies, websites, and music with spiritual themes.

On Beliefnet
Ask Pastor Paul
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  • How Can Faith Help Us Deal With Death?
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  • How Do I Tell My Parents I've Converted to Islam?
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    Articles & Interviews
    A Talk With Moby
    The musician talks about losing his religion

    Advice to a Young Minister
    Paul Raushenbush interviews William Sloan Coffin

    The Tattoo-Body Connection
    Tattooing and body piercing as spiritual rites of passage

    A House Divided: The Church and Israel
    Pondering the American Protestant churches' uneasy stand on Israel

    How to Be Bulletproof
    An interview with Gotham Chopra, creator of the religious comic book behind the film "Bulletproof Monk"

    Advice for Clergy
    10 Commandments for a Successful Mission Trip
    A guide for clergy

    Confidentiality and the Clergy
    What responsibilities do members of the clergy have to those who entrust them with secrets?

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