Ask Pastor Paul:He broke up with me because God told him to.

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Ask Pastor Paul: Yahoo! Chat! February 2001

Ask Pastor Paul: Yahoo! Chat! April 2001

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Ask Pastor Paul: Pastor Paul tackles conversion conundrums.

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Ask Pastor Paul: Can you be Catholic and vegetarian? What's with the popularity of See You at the Pole? Plus, reader mail.

Ask Pastor Paul: How do I tell my boyfriend I want to stay a virgin? My mom's into New Age and I'm not! In an interfaith relationship and his parents hate me.

Paul Raushenbush: Making Their Mark: Tattooing and body piercing have always been spiritual rites of passage. Now our culture is discovering their power.

Paul Raushenbush: Every Mile A Prayer: The Spirituality of the AIDSRide. Includes an interview with founder, Dan Pallotta.

Paul Raushenbush: A House Divided: great grandson to Louis D. Brandeis, and Rev. Walter Rauschenbusch struggles with the protestant approach to Israel.

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Paul Raushenbush: Double Crossed by Religion--An interview with rapper Ja Rule.

Paul Raushenbush: Superstars and the Divine: An interview with David LaChapelle.

Paul Raushenbush: A chaplain at Columbia University puts it all together on a mission trip to Tijuana.
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