TastebookRemember grandma’s famous apple pie or maybe your mom’s famous chicken soup? These recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. It’s important to preserve these delicious dishes, so that generations after can also enjoy these traditional meals.

Everyone has recipes all over the place: printed from the internet, handwritten on scraps of paper, or just in our heads. Wouldn't it be great if there were a way to store all those recipes together? Enter TasteBook.

TasteBook allows you to collect and upload your recipes, add personal photos, and create a professionally printed cookbook, preserving your recipes for generations to come. 

Each TasteBook comes as a beautiful customizable hardcover binder and includes 50 recipes, though you can purchase more. It also includes a customizable table of contents, chapters and dedication page. Plus, each TasteBook comes with 10 clear recipe sleeves to save sacred recipe clippings from loved ones. What more could you ask for in a cookbook?


TasteBooks also make great gifts. Preserve all of Grandma's recipes as a holiday gift for her granchildren, create one for a bride and have each bridesmaid contribute a recipe, or attend your next family reunion with a TasteBook full of recipes for each family member.

Worried that you don’t have enough recipes to create a TasteBook? Check out TasteBook's selection of ready made recipe collections – Meatless Masterpieces, Classic Italian, Mostly Mediterranean and American Classics are just a few of the fantastic choices. You have the choice to customize as much or as little as you'd like. The possibilities are truly endless.

Don’t waste anymore time. Preserve your family’s history with TasteBook and give the gift of love to your family and the generations to come.

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