Each zodiac sign has a different personality. As such, each sign needs something different in a relationship and every sign may not mesh perfectly together. Perfectionistic Virgo, for instance, may not be happy with ever-changing Pisces, and eccentric Aquarius may drive practical Taurus up the wall and onto the ceiling. Each sign of the zodiac has specific needs in a romantic relationship. What should you look for in a partner based on your sign?


As a sign, Aries is known for being passionate, fitting for a fire sign. As such, you need someone who can fuel that passionate fire. You need a partner who enjoys being spontaneous and likes to both give and receive surprises. Unexpected date nights, just-because gifts and other little moments will help keep your interest. You also need a partner who can hold their own when all your passion is let loose in an argument. You need an equal who can stand their ground when your fiery temper is on display.


Taurus is practical, logical and unexpectedly sensual. As such, you need someone who enjoys nonsexual intimacy like snuggling on the couch or holding hands. Sensual does not necessarily mean sexual, and you would do best with someone who is willing to take it slow. You also tend to favor more material displays of affection. It does not have to be expensive, but a little thinking-of-you gift is a great way for your partner to keep the romance alive.


Gemini lives life in the fast lane and has the somewhat short attention span to go with it.
Things have to work hard to keep your interest, and people are no different. You tend to move, think and act quickly so you need someone who can keep up with you. Your partner also needs to hold your interest. You would prefer someone with an intriguing personality over anything else except, perhaps, someone with excellent listening skills. 


Cancer tends to be very emotional and romantic when they are dealing with someone they are interested in dating. This often leads to them being the giver in a relationship. As such, you need someone who shares your love of romance and will let you in fully. Above all else, however, your lover needs to be loyal to you.


Leo likes attention and tends to be generous toward those they love. As such, you need someone who will return your generosity and reassure you that they do not take you for granted. You need a partner who understands, respects and even supports your desire to be in the limelight but understands that sometimes you will need some space just like anyone else.


Virgo can be shy and tends to be something of a perfectionist. You like things to be orderly and controlled. As such, you need someone who can be patient with you when you start getting anxious or nitpicking. You also would do best with a person who can keep up with you intellectually and who understands that, to you, actions speak louder than words. 


Libra tends to be intellectual and puts a high value on humor. You want to spend all your time with those you love, and your partner needs to be able to understand that. You also need a person who will help push you out of your comfort zone when you are reluctant to leave on your own.


Scorpio has a habit of being wary of emotional commitment. As such, you need a partner who is willing to be completely transparent with you before you are able to return the favor. You cannot stand fakeness, especially in someone you care about. Once you are in, however, you are all in, so you need to make sure your partner is someone you can really trust.


Sagittarius needs freedom. You cannot stand the idea of a partner who is clingy or holds you back. You love adventure and need a lover who shares that same love. They need to support you, give you whatever freedom and space you want and be comfortably with your blunt personality.


Capricorn has a reputation for being cold and standoffish, and that is somewhat well earned. That said, you are also a confident person who wants a partner who will be serious and intimate with you. You do not have time for a superficial relationship or a flake. You want someone who is passionate, has their own ambitions and will remember the little things. A lover who forgets your anniversary is not going to be with you for long.


Aquarius is more than a little eccentric. This means that you have to have a partner who knows you well and does not see you as in need of fixing. You like a person who is spontaneous, willing to explore new things and whose oddities mesh well with your own.


Pisces is the most emotional of signs and has a well-earned reputation as a dreamer. As such, you want a fairy tale but need someone who can deliver not only romance but the practicality and logic you may lack. You want someone who will overcome your natural wariness of commitment and be able to keep up with your emotions and wild imagination.
The zodiac signs are as different as the people who are born under each set of stars. All the people in each sign, however, are not homogenous. Not all Virgos are alike, and not all Scorpios want exactly the same thing. Your sign might give you some guidelines on what to look for in a partner, but it is up to you to determine who exactly it is that is meant for you.
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