Reprinted from "Guideposts: Prayers for Every Need," volume 2

Thank you for bringing my true love into my life
For providing someone to stand with me against the world
To laugh and play with
To comfort me when I am down
To share the peaks, the valleys, the plateaus
To challenge my assumptions and widen my horizons
To learn my deepest thoughts, my moods, my quirks, my flaws...and love me still.

As we enter into marriage and bind our lives together,
Help me remember that love is an action, not a feeling
With respect, not romance, at its heart.
Help me remember that marriage is for giving, not receiving
And not to look for what I can get out of it, but what I can put into it.

Be with us as we set out on this great adventure
Help us keep our relationship dynamic and fresh
Always changing, growing, deepening;
Spontaneous, honest, and supportive.
Grant us infinite reserves of humor, tolerance and forgiveness.
And most important, help us put You at the center of our lives and our marriage.

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