people romatic couple beachWe’ve often heard the term “soul mate” bandied around. But what does it really mean and do we each have a twin soul that is our better half? To understand these concepts, let’s discuss the soul. Our soul is timeless and separate from our physical self. Before we incarnate, our soul chooses the body, gender, geographical location and lessons it needs to grow and raise its vibrations of love. The soul is the sum of all the memories, lifetimes, events and emotions it has experienced. Before a soul incarnates, it chooses carefully the parents, siblings, friends, and partners it will need to balance karma and fulfill the soul’s unique purpose and life lessons. Karma is simply cause and effect, action and reaction. We come to this earth in an attempt to balance and heal karma we’ve created in past lives. We choose our soul group to help us do this.

Our soul group is comprised of our family, friends, romantic partners and sometimes our bosses, co-workers and neighbors. We’ve known the members of our soul group for lifetimes. While on the other side, we make agreements to work with each other in order to help balance karma and teach lessons. Sometimes, our greatest enemy is one of our soul group. The world, like Shakespeare taught us, really is a stage. Sometimes members of our soul group agree to play the role of villain so we can learn to overcome fear or become stronger or more independent.  It is no coincidence that you’ve befriended the people in your life. They are members of your soul group. You are here to help them and they are here to help you.  Sometimes these relationships last a short time and others can last a lifetime. 

The Irish have an expression “Anam Cara” which means soul friend. Have you ever met someone and just liked them instantly? A soul friend is someone we feel at home with right away. A soul friend is like a cheerleader in your life. They love you unconditionally and support your on your journey. A soul friend will listen to you and bring you up. They are happy for your successes and sad when you are sad. In a true soul friend relationship there is no competition or jealousy. You can trust a soul friend and confide in them with confidence. Your soul friend will be with you through the ups and downs and even if you two have a disagreement, forgiveness comes easily. 

In order to invite a soul friend into our lives, we have to first love and accept ourselves. Be gentle with yourself and your path so that you can be ready for your Anam Cara.

When we hear the words “soul mates” we often think of romantic movies, destiny and happy ever after endings. But a true soul mate does not often appear as the best person in our life. We are drawn to soul mates because we have karma to heal with them. If you feel passionately and instinctually drawn to someone, it may be because they are a soul mate. This doesn’t mean they are meant to be with you forever. It does mean that you are meant to learn from each other and then move on. Soul mates usually come into our lives and shake things up so we can get back on path or fully implement a lesson we’ve been working on. Many people will hold on to a soul mate thinking it’s their destiny when really soul mates are meant to come and then go in our lifetime. 

A Twin Flame is often described as our better half, but in reality a Twin Flame is simply our perfect complement. Usually we will incarnate without our Twin Flame as the goal is to learn and grow ourselves before rejoining our twin in perfect union. Our Twin Flame will remain on the other side when we incarnate and act as a spirit guide.  This does not mean that we are half of a soul searching for someone to complete us. But we do have a male and female side and our goal is to fully implement these parts of ourselves into our earthly experience. It is possible to meet your Twin Flame in this lifetime as more and more are choosing to incarnate together to help raise the consciousness of the planet. But be prepared because when Twin Flames meet, the connection is intense often life changing.  

Life isn’t meant to always be easy. We are here to learn, grow, and help others to do the same. This means that many of our relationships will be fraught with conflict and drama. It’s important to focus on forgiveness and the lessons learned from these relationships. If we can also focus on learning to love ourselves and be kind to our souls, we will start to attract the love we want and deserve. But it really does start with learning to love ourselves first. We have to stop criticizing ourselves and focusing on what’s wrong with our bodies, our bank account, our careers, relationships and choices. If we remove shame, doubt and fear and replace it with acceptance, trust and love, we will attract the right soul mates and friends into our lives. When we meet our soul friends, we can then grow in perfect love and harmony.

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